About Us

We believe in your brand and we’re bursting with big ideas that will inspire your customers to see it the way we do!

We do more than just advertise

We are constantly innovating. We design and execute high-impact, targeted creative and strategic communication that delivers consumer engagement and results for our clients. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean is our home, and the world is our market. We have a global team of experienced talent, digital and traditional media professionals as well as AV production resources at your service. Face-to-face, or in a virtual space, from branding campaigns to marquee events, everything is possible.

Our Story

At Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, we can assist you in finding your niche. We offer a complete package to brand yourself and make you distinctive from your competitors. What do you offer that is different? What can make you immediately recognisable?

We find that difference and construct your brand around it. 


What we believe

We believe communication is key!

Basically, we’re an ideas company, fuelled by creativity and driven by our passion for transforming brands and growing our clients’ businesses. This passion has attracted some raving fans along the way as clients have continuously noticed our dedication to both them and their brands.

How we work

Our family is pretty divided. Wait, that’s a good thing! We have specialised divisions dedicated to ensuring that your event, corporate communications, and digital needs are met. Our model allows you to access best in class service from industry experts separate from our main advertising services.

We may be divided, but we’re more connected than ever to our clients and their needs!