We believe in your brand and we’re bursting with big ideas that will inspire your customers to see it the way we do!

We do more than just advertise

We do more than just advertise! We believe that if we engage, challenge and appeal to emotions, our award-winning ideas will deliver the results you want.

Our Story

At Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, we can assist you in finding your niche. We offer a complete package to brand yourself and make you distinctive from your competitors. What do you offer that is different? What can make you immediately recognisable?

We find that difference and construct your brand around it.


What we believe

We believe communication is key!

Basically, we’re an ideas company, fuelled by creativity and driven by our passion for transforming brands and growing our clients’ businesses. This passion has attracted some raving fans along the way as clients have continuously noticed our dedication to both them and their brands.

How we work

Our family is pretty divided. Wait, that’s a good thing! We have specialised divisions dedicated to ensuring that your event, corporate communications, and digital needs are met. Our model allows you to access best in class service from industry experts separate from our main advertising services.

We may be divided, but we’re more connected than ever to our clients and their needs!

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Brand strategy

At Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, we can assist you in finding your niche. We offer a complete package to brand yourself and make you distinctive from your competitors. What do you offer that is different? What can make you immediately recognisable? We find that difference and construct your brand around it.

We can suggest ways your space can be upgraded in keeping with the core values of your brand. We design logos complete with font suggestions and colours. We suggest the correct tone for your radio and television ads.

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what's your niche?

We analyse your targeted demographic and shape your ad campaign with this in mind; we prepare signage, all artwork and will also launch your brand utilising the imagery and ethos your brand represents.

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There’s no storyteller like the senses. Did you hear it? Did you see it? Did you feel it? Then it was more than a message; it was an experience. Radio and television communicate with audiences in the most dynamic and compelling voice. At Lonsdale, we have all the storytellers’ implements – music makers, actors and voice actors, videographers and production studios.

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what's your story?

Our range of services includes radio spots, jingles, TV commercials, infomercials, short films and documentaries.

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Designer smartphones and social media chic – new media is fun, fast and future-driven. But it’s much more than that. Digital is the ultimate tool for making your market presence felt. It’s a multi-route, globe-arcing conversation between business and buyers, and we’ve mastered the language. Our clients range from tech savants who want to apply our deep resources in strategy, marketing, art and communications to their digital ventures; to Knowledge Age neophytes taking that first tentative step into cyberspace. Website development, social media marketing and even game and app design, if it happens in digital, it can happen with us.

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digital first

iuGo offers complete digital solutions to your marketing needs through the management of social media, the creation of award-winning websites and apps for smart phones. We connect you to a wider online market and understand what will make your brand or company stand out.

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Public relations

The Ancient Greeks were right; knowledge is like fire. In masterful hands it can illuminate. It can be a power source. But uncontained it can spread wildly and with destructive consequences. In this age of unfettered communication where messages (positive and negative) catapult across the info sphere, organisations have to plan, be more precise and respond far more nimbly in what they say and the image they present. Our communications squad has helped a host of clients bask in the warmth of positive public perception. They’ve helped manage several major communications crises. Our all-embracing list of services includes communications strategy, media management and monitoring, press briefings, training and editorial services.

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It’s about reputation management

We closely look at what is happening with your message, how and by whom it is being received, and whether more needs to be done. We look at your competitors too, the results of which we use to develop strategies for more effective brand positioning and marketing.

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Corporate Comms

Words are not dull; good grammar is not passé nor are any written works mere words on pages. Our editorial department will ensure that from cover to cover, your work is exactly what you envision, and enhanced. Sage handles all your documentation needs with creativity and professional expertise.

Our portfolio also includes public relations and corporate communications strategies. The relationship an organisation has with its internal and external public requires careful management and growing numbers of top companies are augmenting their traditional, advertising and marketing approaches with internal and external corporate communications strategies.

We have the experience and expertise to develop effective strategies to optimise your corporate communications messaging and vehicles. We can handle from the basic press release and speeches to crisis management.

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communicating your vision

Our publications capability supports your corp comms needs through the production of leaflets, newsletters, annual reports and other literature which help build your brand’s prestige and communicate your company’s mission and vision, internally and externally.

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Media Planning

It begins with research and ends with effective ad placement. Our research incorporates psychographic targeting and analysing when your audience will be most receptive to the message of your product. From there, we will advise on the best times in press, radio and television, effective sizing, billboard placement and website input if necessary.

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360˚ planning

We offer a 360˚ plan to reach your audience with as many customer touch points as it takes to make an impact.

Further Information

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